The deep-seated longing in the heart of every woman is a life full of purpose, vision and God-grade results. Yet we see God’s daughters experiencing varying degrees of barreness, unproductivity, lack, boredom, brokenness and hopelessness in their lives.

Are you tired of hustling and bustling without tangible results? Are you fed up with the long seasons of waiting to birth? Do you want to step into unprecedented dimensions of fruitfulness, creativity and productivity? Are you seeking clarity and understanding with regards to your place, space and posture in God’s agenda? Then this book is for you.

In the book, The Birthing, Ugonne Ann Okonkwo takes us on her God-led, transformational journey into a visionary life through her motherhood experiences. She emphasizes the importance of self-discovery, finding purpose, and serving God and humanity alike. It is filled with splashes of real-life scenarios of how having children and a compelling vision can eventually lead to the birth of nations. The Birthing, through the brilliant and spellbound craft of storytelling, invites her readers to shut the door on superficiality and dig deep into a more productive life.

Hear From Readers of The Book Now if I did not convince you, maybe a few words from my readers will!

Mrs. Noah (Canada)

This book truly represents the heart of The Father. If you feel the pangs of a burning vision in your heart and you desire to understand your place, space, posture an position in God’s agenda, then this book is for you. Ugonne tapped into divine wisdom to birth this book. I felt that in my deepest parts as I read every page. Thank you for confirming everything that the Lord has been speaking to me… I highly recommend this book for every visionary woman.

What you will learn In this book you will

  • uncover the mindset shifts required to release the season of motherhood.
  • learn how to activate and enter into a birthing season.
  • discover how to find, fuel and birth your God-given vision.
  • understand how to truly serve the world and co-labour with God in his divine plan for the nations.
  • unleash your creative genius, birth your deepest dreams and serve the world with your greatness.

Here's the light about to hit you in the Birthing Book Chapter List

Section 1: Birthing Children
Chapter 1: How It All Began
Chapter 2: Motherhood: The Game Changer
Chapter 3: Kingdom Motherhood: A Tale Of Two Mothers

Section 2: Birthing Visions
Chapter 4: How Vision Changed My Life
Chapter 5: The Stages Of A Kingdom Vision
Chapter 6: The Richer Woman: A Case Study
Of Kingdom Visions (Omilola Oshikoya)

Section 3 – Birthing Nations
Chapter 7 – The Rise Of The Watchmen
Chapter 8- Mothers Arising: Deborah
Conclusion – Rise up and birth

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Meet the author

About The Author

Ugonne Ann Okonkwo is a Nigerian-born writer, educator, coach, and the author of the book, “The Birthing: How to partner with God for your children, your vision and your Nation”

In less than 18 months after having her first child, Ugonne went from a slow, confused, and overwhelmed mother to a multidimensional visionary woman who is birthing and launching different expressions of her vision as the Lord enables her.

She is on a mission to raise visionary mothers- young women who will partner with God to birth his vision and purpose for their lives per season.

Ugonne is the creator of the “Ugonne Ann” YouTube channel and the host of the birthing visions podcast, a show dedicated to helping visionaries find and birth their God-given visions. When she’s not writing, speaking, or teaching, Ugonne enjoys reading a thought-provoking book and catching up on a Nigerian web series. She lives with the love of her life, Dr, Isaac and their sons Zite and Nate, in Shenyang, China where she teaches English as a second language to the most adorable Chinese preschoolers.

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``The Birthing” book is a compelling invitation to explore your God-given super powers, unleash your creative genius, birth your deepest dreams and serve the world with your greatness